Principal - Soniya Arya Memorial
Little Angels Inclusive School

Ms. Sonia Arora

Ms. Sonia Arora

An avid inclusive education campaigner, she firmly believes and advocates that there are no moulds in which we should try to fit our special children. They are unique in their abilities, like any exotic flower which when added to any bouquet increases its beauty.

With an unparalleled experience of 27 years in the field of special education, she has an invaluable insight into the problems faced by not only the special students but also their families, her compassion and dedication enables her to help them have better chances of happy and productive lives.

She not only pursues to provide them with the best possible guidance in education and extra-curricular activities but also strives to help them become independent and contributing part of our society.

All her endeavors are outlined and aimed by her dedication to the upliftment of the special part of our society. She continues to bring smile, hope and satisfaction in countless lives with her efforts, leaving her mark on their hearts.

Ms Sonia Arora

Ms. Sonia Arora


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