I to V

Curriculum for Class I to V is developed focusing on nurturing the natural curiosity, interest, knowledge and understanding of the little ones. We encourage questions and give children many ways to explore the answer.

The School follows somewhat integrated curriculum based on the programmes of the CBSE with a focus on inculcating confidence in basic life skills- Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Comprehension, Problem Solving, Learning right values and thus being able to communicate well.

VI to X

The curriculum of Class VI to X focuses on fostering skills such as communication, problem solving etc and emphasizes on experiential learning through projects, quizzes, visits and e-learning through smart class. The curriculum facilitates detailed study of the Key subjects; English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Studies that also reflects a complete blend of education with the cultural and technological diversities of our nation. The School strictly follows the CBSE guidelines and recognizes all-round development of each and every child through activities, Group discussions, debates, extempore etc as primary goal of education in this age group.

XI and XII

The dignified demarcation of stream into four important segments i.e. Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Humanities has given way to a wide range of career options with successful outcomes. With the help of resourceful and innovative study materials in combination with the efficient delivery of day to day lectures are provided in pursuit of a fruitful learning. Students are kept under proper discipline and regular vigil in terms of their conduct and academics.

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