Sh Tarsem Garg, an ingenious leader, a progressive educationist, whose passion and inclination towards advancement of the Indian Education System, made him a prominent figure in the education world. He is a marvellous human being with a gleaming aura of wisdom, who rose above challenges of time to transform his dreams into a ground reality. The journey of his great success is a triumph of positivity, perseverance and persistence. Despite being so successful, he is well known for his down to earth approach and humility.

He often says, "With the power of education, we can shape future, change lives and become better version of ourselves. If a child develops a passion for learning, he will never cease to grow, progress and prosper. So, we constantly work to build an environment in school which encourages students to ask, to dream, to aspire and to feel happy about everything they do; and think beyond success or failure. The students are involved in practical work so that they explore, experiment and experience."



"I believe that a harmonious blend of knowledge, skill and right attitude is essential for overall development of children. There’s a uniform focus on developing important life skills such as interpersonal communication, lateral thinking, critical assessment, teamwork etc. It's my vision to see these children grow up as confident, compassionate and smart global citizens of the world."

I want the children to learn – "Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you think."


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