Late Sh. B.L. Malhotra

16-02-1919 to 11-11-2013

The noble soul whose life was an embodiment of ethical values & heavenly virtues with dazzling simplicity of a pure crystal pearl.

Your legacy of high principles, hard work, integrity & generosity is our most precious treasure. Your path of righteousness is a beacon of light which guides us from strength to strength & steer us in all our endeavours.


Late Dr. V.P. Arya

24-10-1940 to 05-08-2004

A visionary, a self-motivator, a great academician, a gifted orator, a dreamer, an inspirer, a disciplinarian, a voracious reader and a born leader with a charismatic persona whose vision guides us as we build the future of the country by educating the generations to come. His great love for teaching and for mankind has inspired us to follow his footsteps and contribute towards making this world a better place. He will forever live on as a warm glow in our hearts and his vision will be the path upon which we travel.


Late Ms. Soniya Arya

30-09-1971 to 28-03-2015
Director - Little Angels Sr. Sec. School, Sonipat
Founder - Little Angels Inclusive School, Sonipat

An enlightened educationist, efficient organizer, inspirational mentor, nature-lover, compassionate human being and an extremely keen observer whose valuable suggestions enabled the institution to be acknowledged as one of the best institutions in the country.

Her altruistic, conscientious and versatile persona made her the perfect example of women empowerment. She believed that the purpose of education cannot be achieved without taking care of the underprivileged section of the society. She took pride in supporting Goonj, an NGO for the underprivileged section of the society. Her constant endeavour to blend special children with the mainstream brought a remarkable change in the society.

She was highly acclaimed for the immense contribution in the field of Inclusive Education.

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