About Us


Welcome to the abode of intellect where the purpose of education is to equip the child with the most excellent technological proficiency; to empower him with the skills in order to realize his God gifted potential; to create the right climate so that the child may develop fully as a complete human being. At Little Angels, one's intellect is transformed into an illuminated reflection of knowledge and broad outlook towards life.

Little Angels School has been established by highly respected figures of the education world and has been setup precisely to impart this altruist version of holistic education which is aimed at realizing the true potential of every student and developing confidence so that he is able to carve his own path and leave a trail.

The institution provides a broad range of activities, content, approaches and learning opportunities which promote each child to discover and develop his strengths. Students come to Little Angels School with varying intelligences, abilities, interest and skills. So, curriculum is carefully designed to involve students with multiple learning styles.

Multisport culture is the hallmark of this institution. It encourages all kinds of sports and nurtures young talents to transform into champions.

The Management and the Staff constantly monitor, analyze and refine all aspects of teaching and learning because we want every single student of our institution to find something that he is good at. The institution has made an indelible mark in the field of education and sports by achieving excellence in various fields. The success stories of Angelians reflect our investment in them in terms of commitment, dedication, understanding, and hard work with complete devotion.

The institution marches ahead with its lofty ideals to give new dimension to the lives of younger generation who are the future global leaders.

What makes Little Angels School unique?

"He, who opens a school door, closes a prison." Victor Hugo

  • Well Planned & Globally recognized Curriculum - Little Angels School was conceived with a vision to create those traditions which are the hallmarks of all good schools; respect for the integrity and individuality of each student, a well-qualified & purpose-driven faculty and a well-balanced curriculum which inspires a love for learning for its own sake and an ethos which promotes personal responsibility. Keeping this in view, the curriculum of the school, which is carefully planned by the expert academicians, allows each student to get the best.
  • More than just books & learning - The school gives individualized attention by providing ample encouraging occasions so that the students cultivate spontaneity and creativity and an absolutely cosmopolitan attitude.
  • Raising compassionate & brilliant youth - The school provides value-oriented education for students belonging to all communities, states and nations. The School aims at training and regulating children’s thinking in such a manner that they become successful men and women in their chosen field of activity and at the same time remain attached to moral and ethical values which ensure happiness and continuity of Success achieved in life.
  • Creating Dreamers & Achievers - Education is a dynamic process which not only requires relevant knowledge to face the challenges but to revive the lost values in the youngsters. We edify our students in classical as well as contemporary models of learning while giving them a solid foundation of dreaming big and pursuing their dreams with courage and persistence.

Vision and Mission

The institution is committed to do the best for its students as their well-being & overall growth is our foremost priority. The institution continues to tread upon the path of progress together with confidence, zeal and pride and thence, keep adding feathers with all humility. The learning process and the values inculcated in the students during their formative years in school are further executed by them in the society for the service of humanity.


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