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Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration

Freedom in their heart …

Devotion in their soul….

Angelians march online to meet another goal…………………………

Owing to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, Little Angels School, Sonepat had decided to webcast the official 74th Independence Day Celebration this year. The unique attempt by the members of Little Angels School is really praiseworthy. The students and teachers of the institution unitedly took up this glorious challenge that reflected their vigour and enthusiasm. It was the first time that the school celebrated a Virtual Independence Day. The educators of the institution put in all efforts to arouse the feeling of patriotism and respect for the nation in the heart of the children. The pupils had also promised to take the nation into its highest glory by singing the patriotic song “Hai yehi rastey, hai yehi manzil, lakshay ko pana hai” which means “This is the way, there is our destiny, we shall not stop till we reach our goal.” Thereafter, the Principal Ms Asha Goyal addressed the students Online and her motivating words immersed the students into a promising and patriotic wave. Little kids were dressed up as freedom fighters to reminisce their sacrifices to secure the country’s future. This was followed by the National Anthem. The children also took a pledge to serve the nation and work for their motherland upon growing up. The idea of celebrating Independence Day online was fabulous and won the hearts of those who watched the programme. The children were full of enthusiasm and patriotic fervour. The School Chairman Mr. Ashish Arya and Dr. Neha Arya congratulated all on the occasion of 74th Independence Day and appreciated the performance of the students online. At the same time, they reminded the students to maintain safe social distancing and emphasised on following other precautions as protective measure against Covid -19. They also prayed for everyone’s good health and prosperity. The entire programme came to an end with a short prayer and salute to the nation.

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