Those Who Showed Us The Way

Late Dr. V.P. ARYA

A great visionary, an iconic educationist and a highly revered figure in the intellectual fraternities Late Dr. V.P. Arya, is, in fact the dedicated spirit whose altruistic vision led to the establishment of this esteemed institution.

He was a man of myriad lofty dimensions – both a dreamer and a doer par excellence. His entire life is a testimonial to the fact that path from dreams to success does exist – provided one has vision, courage, determination and perseverance to follow. Possessed with sterling qualities of head and heart, he led the masses with his gleaming aura of wisdom. He was a highly respected teacher who produced the most recognized, respectable and responsible individuals of today’s age.

He was a man of letters with remarkable proficiency in English language. His contribution towards English Literature is incomparable. He had immense love and passion for English Literature and Language and always had a desire to develop that interest among the students also.

He is the beacon of light from whom the School derives its strength and direction. His beliefs have been a constant source of inspiration guiding us to attain great heights. The institution is bound to grow manifolds with his blessings.


School Patron

The noble soul whose life was an embodiment of ethical values & heavenly virtues with dazzling simplicity of a pure crystal pearl.

Your legacy of high principles, hard work, integrity & generosity is our most precious treasure. Your path of righteousness is a beacon of light which guides us from strength to strength & steer us in all our endeavours.


Mr. Ashish Arya, son of the great academician, exudes the same passion and dedication towards education as his father. He works diligently towards realization of his father's vision, and carries on the rich legacy of Dr. V.P. Arya's beliefs and ethics.

Educationally enlightened, technologically savvy and open to pedagogical changes, he has always been magnanimous and prompt in providing the best of infrastructural facilities. Be it academics or sports or co curricular activities – he is supportive in every field. It is his long cherished dream to bring global standards of education to the School, so the children of India will walk shoulder to shoulder with the global community. His foresight and perseverance has established Little Angels as a salient pioneering educational institute in the whole vicinity.

His commitment to society is well reflected through his involvement in various charitable and social causes and association with NGOs.

A dynamic leader with a futuristic and composite vision, he is determined to set up new milestones of excellence.



True to the position she held, Late Mrs. Soniya Arya ensured that the institution conformed to the needs of the modern egalitarian society and served as a powerful instrument of social change. Her commitment to the cause of education made her an indispensible cornerstone on the administration of the School. She firmly believed in the holistic growth of students and laid stress on inculcating values along with modern ethics and etiquettes.

Her concern for the children with special needs led to the birth of Little Angels Inclusive School, Sonipat. The School witnessed immense growth and scaled heights of glory under her able leadership and guidance. She was highly acclaimed for the trailblazing work in the field of Inclusive Education. Her concern towards the not so fortunate made her a remarkable personality in the whole vicinity.

A keen observer and a constant motivator with an effervescence of brilliance, she provided the institution a new dimension. She was the encouraging spirit behind all achievements.



An inspiring teacher, an able guide, a concerned mentor who has always been in the mainstream of success of all the endevaours taken up by the institution. A vibrant observer and capable founder of the newest rules to match the footsteps with the outside world, she has given the school a modern outlook. Her multifaceted attributes and inspirational ideas have paved the way of an outstanding future. Her knowledge & experience have helped the school to reach the highest platform in the competitive arena.

She leads the Little Angels Faculty with inspiration and example, and is always motivating the faculty of the School to put more meaning into the education of the students. Associated with many social organizations for a long time, she perceives education as a force which can lead children move towards ‘Vasudhev Kutumbakam’

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