Dr. Nikhil Chugh (Physiotherapy Consultant )

I feel that this premier Institute has given me lots of confidence and proper guidelines to understand and explored my caliber. Not only the academics was very strong but co-curriculum gave me an extra edge where I realized my capabilities. I really feel proud of my school and want to serve whenever and wherever needed.

Cdt. Daksh Kaushik (Cadet Great Eastern Shipping Company)

I feel proud to be an Angelian. My studentship in this great house of learning not only enabled me to achieve success after success but it imbibed in me values of life, respect for my teachers and love for my country. I thank Ashish sir, for taking great pains in moulding me to stand on my legs firmly and embark on an adventurous career of Merchant Navy. His inspiring words will push me forward to become Captain in my pursuit. I am training as a cadet in the Great Eastern Shipping Company and will be joining as 2nd mate in the same company.

Mohit Arora (Software Engineer Accenture)

I am working as Software Engineer Team Leader in one of the most reputed MNC-Accenture where I have been handling all my responsibilities being at onshore in the US since 2011. I am really thankful to my School and my teachers for guiding me and inspiring me to reach such heights in my career.

Prerna Kukreja  (Sr. Actuarial Analyst Aon Hewitt)

Spending those 7 hrs at a stretch in those classrooms, playfield, cafeteria, dancing hall, auditorium along with the known faces everyday definitely brings in a plethora of memories, fondest memories’. Back then I escaped doing “GOOD WORK”, for I thought “GOOD WORK MEANS MORE WORK” but now the thought is redefined into “GOOD WORK MEANS APPRECIABLE WORK AND SUCCESS”. What I am today is more of what my school made me. From developing hobbies to refining them, from instilling in me the basic values of life to fighting, for what is right, fearlessly and the list goes on.

Akhil Kathuria ( TCS)

It feels awesome to be a part of such an institution which has touched new horizons today. We love it so much that we still cherish our school moments. The ground, the corridors, the classroom , All memories are so fresh as if it was just yesterday. We were fortunate to have such a hardworking faculty which always helped us to push ourselves and achieve our goals. I am proud to be an ANGELIAN. Thanks LASS….Thanks for everything………

Chitesh M. Bajaj  (Business Analyst )

They say, “School is the basic foundation of everything being imparted to a person.” and I couldn’t agree more. For me, Little Angels Sr. Sec. School is not just about the education and the values imparted. It is a lifetime wisdom shaping me the way I am. With the finest management, superb faculty, plethora of events and the perfect blend of academics and co-curricular activities, Little Angels plays a vital role in instilling not just the brains, but enormous confidence and tenacity. It equips you with the courage, positive spirit and the right attitude to face the world that lies ahead.

Kulvinder Rathee  (Sub Lieutenant )

I would like to express my gratitude to the whole staff of the school for whatever success I could achieve till date. After Senior Secondary I cleared SSB and underwent training for four years ...and got commissioned into Indian Navy last year. I owe my achievements to my teachers in school. ..and even today whenever I remember my school times I become nostalgic. I could not ever come to thank my teachers as I am posted throughout the year...I wish my School success…

Prateek Khattar (Software Developer Cambridge Transportation Labs)

I am actually speechless to pen down the experience of wonderful life spent in LASS "in words". I would just like to express my gratitude to my beloved school and the teachers to make me who I am today. The platform that this school provides to its students is just beyond comparison with other schools.

Piyush Grover  (Assistant Manager AXIS BANK, Delhi)

Whether you’re still in school, about to graduate or have already moved onto the next chapter in life, nearly everyone can relate to what it feels like to be inside a classroom of a school because one hundred years from now It will not matter what kind of car you drove, what kind of house you lived in, how much money was there in your bank account nor what your clothes looked like, But the world would want to know in which school you went? Just wanted to say, school life is something that takes you through, no matter who you are. I love my school and feel proud that yes my school is LASS Thank you Little Angels and my teachers for all the hours you spent, attention and knowledge you gave.

Tushar Kaushik ( Asmita Theatre Group)

I really cherish all those years spent in Little Angels. Thinking about my school days the 1st thing that comes to my mind are my teachers who guided me at every step. Moving ahead on my school days journey I must also thank Ashish sir who has taken care of the Angelians due to which the students are now equipped to seek their ambitions and are successful. I completed my Post Graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication this year itself. At present I'm learning theatre from Mr. Arvind Gaur(our director) in Asmita Theatre Group and have performed in more than 20 social-political issue based plays (street plays & stage plays).

Sagar Pruthi ( Grant Thornton India)

I believe that the experience that Little Angels offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from childhood to young adulthood due to the instilment of important core values that are relied upon as a guide everyday. My school is truly a magical place and I cannot give a higher recommendation. I will cherish the lessons and experiences which has positively shaped and affected me for my entire life ahead. Currently, I am working as an article with Grant Thornton India.

Vikas Dara (CA Finals )

Currently I am in CA FINAL and pursuing B.COM (HONS) from DU. I am pursuing my articleship training with CJS Nanda @ Associates. It was matter of privilege for me that I did my schooling from Little Angels. Today whatever I am is just because of the love, patience and support of my mentors. I whole heartedly thank my mentors and wish luck to Little Angels for all the future.

Nimisha Khattar (Financial Research Analyst WNS Global Services)

Little Angels, the first thing that always strikes my mind, whenever I walk down the memory lane. The teachers nurtured me like their own little baby, which actually helped me to evolve and become what I am today. “Keep moving on until you have reached where you always wanted to" said by Dr. V. P. Arya, once in the school assembly still echo in my ears. The faculty always tried to maintain a healthy balance between study, discipline and recreational activities. The cocoon of love, care and support I was enveloped in, developed confidence in me to grow up and face the challenges of my life. That's why I feel proud to be an Angelian, to be a part of such a school which still hosts a myriad of joys and memories for everyone connected to it.

Priya Bhargava  (Jaypee Group C.A. )

I passed Chartered Accountancy course in Nov. 2008 and was selected in esteemed organization of Noida as the Manager (Finance) where I am handling financial aspects of the company. In May 2009, I was selected for three months residential course in IIM (Indore) by ICAI which upgraded my professional skills. I have recently qualified course of International Financial Reporting Standards conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. I thank my school and my teachers for guiding and inspiring and making me what I am today.

Pooja Muthreja (C.A Finals )

I am in C.A final and pursuing B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi University. At present, I am working with DBatra@associates.Today, whatever I am is just because I was a part of Little Angels. I thank the devoted staff of Little Angels for their love, guidance, patience and support. I whole heartedly express my gratitude to my mentors and wish luck to Little Angels for all the future endeavours.

Satyam Arya ( )

There are so many memories that bring back smiles, one post cannot accommodate them. If I am ever told that one day to live, I will head straight to my classroom, where a day is known to last for years. The whole faculty has contributed to my grooming. How can I forget our school, playground & canteen? Those were the days of fun and masti. I am pursuing B.COM (HONS) from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Delhi University.

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